Health professionals to provide free Cancer Wellness information in Swan Hill and Kerang

Health professionals to provide free Cancer Wellness information in Swan Hill and Kerang

Media Release

Date: 25 July 2022
Contact: Ryan Fritz, Public Relations Officer, [email protected] 0413 728 626

Local residents affected by cancer can plan for life after treatment at a free Cancer Wellness program in August.

Information for people who have been affected by cancer, as well as their loved ones, will be available at the two week program commencing Thursday August 31 at Swan Hill and Kerang District Health services.

The Cancer Council Victoria program is run by local health professionals to assist those affected by cancer in making the change to life after treatment and finding a ‘new normal’.

Topics covered include:

  • Adjusting to physical and emotional changes after cancer treatment
  • Working with your GP to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Strategies for managing fatigue and other challenges
  • Connecting to support services in the community

An average of 240 people are diagnosed with cancer in the shires of Swan Hill and Gannawarra each year.

Cancer Council Victoria’s Head of Cancer Information and Support Services Katherine Lane said the program helped cancer survivors and their loved ones adapt to life after treatment. 

“We often speak with people affected by cancer who share how challenging it is to return to their lives after their treatment ends. Finding a ‘new normal’ is physically and emotionally complex, so we’re looking forward to continuing to support individuals impacted by cancer through the process,” Katherine said.

One recent participant of the program said: “Things didn’t just fall back into place like they were before I got sick. This program really helped me deal with changes in my life at home and at work. It made me realise I wasn’t the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed.”

Another said the program made them feel like they weren’t “the only one going through struggles that come out of diagnosis and treatment”.

To register, or to find out more, contact Emma Brown [email protected] and Cindy Boyd at cboyd@blouderkdh-org-au


Media Contact: Ryan Fritz, [email protected] 0413 728 626  

About Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Victoria is a non-profit cancer organisation dedicated to world-leading cancer research, prevention, and support since our establishment in 1936. Our mission is to prevent cancer, empower people and save lives. 

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Cancer Facts and Figures in Victoria 

  • Cancer is the leading cause of disease burden in Victoria. There were 34,712 Victorians diagnosed with cancer in 2020.
  • On average, 95 Victorians are diagnosed with cancer every day, or 1 Victorian every 15 minutes.
  • 11,360 Victorians died from cancer in 2020. That’s on average 31 deaths every day or more than 1 every hour.
  • The 5 most common cancers in Victoria are: lung, prostate, melanoma, breast, and bowel, accounting for 56% of all new cases and 51% of all cancer deaths.

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