Board of Directors

Kerang District Health Board Directors attend board meetings, sub-committee meetings, conferences and workshops and represent the health service at various industry meetings.

In addition they contribute to the development of the health service by providing policy and strategic direction.

Current Board Directors

Our current board directors are:

Andrew Jeffreys
Board Chair

Melissa Iskov
Deputy Chair
Legal Practitioner

Deirdre Broad
Senior Tax Accountant

Oscar Aertssen
Board Director
Business Owner

Kylie Liebmann
Board Director
Medical Scientist

Jonathan Norton
Board Director

Dianne Bowles
Board Director
Dairy Farmer/Owner

Ted Rayment
Board Director
Semi-retired heath service CEO

Tory Gruen
Board Director
General Manager Corporate Services (CFO) for South Gippsland Water


The objectives of Kerang District Health are detailed in its By Laws as follows:

  • To organise for and provide health care services in the Kerang district, including regional services and services provided jointly with other agencies in accordance with Health Services Act 1988 and other relevant Acts and Regulations.
  • To utilise appropriate physical and personnel resources, knowledge and technologies available to promote health and to prevent, treat and alleviate disease, injury and suffering so far as possible in the prevailing conditions.
  • To set and achieve standards consistent with prevailing principles of quality patient care and community health needs.
  • To foster continuing improvement in standards through education, research and training.
  • To arrange, manage, and provide programs and services designed to reduce social isolation.
  • To arrange, manage, provide opportunities for social interaction including an integrated range of services for the diverse needs of individuals and families.
  • To operate a Neighbourhood House.
  • Kerang District Health is located in the Loddon Mallee Region as per the specified regions of the Victoria Government’s Department of Health.

The responsible Minister from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023  the Hon.Mary-Anne Thomas (Minister for Health)