Social Support


Kerang District Health runs a Mobile Planned Activity Group each Tuesday and Thursday and then the first Monday of the month for a Men’s Group Outing.

First Monday of each month a District Men’s Group meets up in a surrounding town for a luncheon, activities or entertainment. The groups come from Pyramid Hill, Barham, Cohuna, Kerang and Boort. It’s a great get together for old friends and an enjoyable bus ride throughout the District.


Each Tuesday we collect clients from Kerang and travel over to Quambatook to meet up with clients at the Quambatook Seniors Hall.

There we enjoy morning tea, quizzes, walks (weather permitting), board games, cards and other activities.

We occasionally have visits from the local school children throughout the year.

We have outings to the local pubs, op-shop, picnics at Wycheproof and go to the Seniors concert in Lake Charm every year.


Every Thursday KDH provides a bus service to collect clients from Murrabit, Koondrook, Normanville, Macorna, Lake Charm and Kangaroo Lake and surrounding areas.

This service is to provide rural, socially isolated clients to come into Kerang for appointments, visiting family/friends, library, shopping, lunches and groceries.

If you have any enquiries about any of these services please contact:

W D Thomas Day Centre
Phone: 5450 9283
Mobile: 0438 509 283
Monday – Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm