Post Acute Care

What Can Post Acute Care Provide For Me?

Post-Acute Care provides Additional (NOT substitute) health and community services to suit individual needs. Additional services can also be provided for up to 4 weeks.

Types Of Services Available

  • Home Nursing
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Home Maintenance
  • Allied Health
  • Respite Care

What happens if I want to be part of the Program?

If you would like to participate in the Post-Acute Care Program it will mean that you (and your carer) will be more involved in determining your discharge needs.

It will be necessary for the Care Coordinator to ascertain whether you are eligible for the program.

The Care Coordinator will follow your progress in hospital and develop a care plan with your help. This plan will outline the services that can be provided for you when you go home.

Once you are at home the Care Coordinator will also be available for you to contact regarding any concerns you may have with your care.

The Care Coordinator will review your care before you are discharged from the program and refer you to other community services if you require ongoing care.

What Are My Rights & Responsibilities if I am part of the Program?

As part of the Post-Acute Care program you will be given a pamphlet that outlines your rights and responsibilities as a health consumer and in particular your rights in regard to confidentiality and the shared use of information across service providers.

All patients or carers are asked to give informed written consent to participate in the program and may withdraw from the Post-Acute Care Program at any time.

Any concerns or grievances about the service may be expressed without affecting any service.

Post-Acute Care is funded by the Victorian State Government.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible to receive assistance from the Post-Acute Care Program you must:

Have been admitted to hospital with an acute episode of ill health.

Have been identified, through an assessment as requiring additional support in the recovery period.

Give written consent to participate in the Post-Acute Care Program.


There is no cost to you for the additional support that you may require for the short period following your discharge from hospital.

However, you will still be required to meet the cost of services in place before admission to hospital.

The Average length of stay in hospital is now much shorter than it used to be. This often means that you will be discharged from hospital and still require extra support while you recover.

What is Post-Acute Care?

Post-Acute Care describes the management and provision of short term planned care for patients with complex needs during their recovery from an episode of acute illness or injury.

If you would like to know more about the Post-Acute Care Program or would like to discuss your discharge needs, please ask the nurse to contact:

Phone Coordinator: 5450 9218

The Post-Acute Care Program operates throughout the Loddon Mallee Region.

Participation in the program is your choice.