Transition Care Program

What is the Transition Care Program?

The Transition Care Program is jointly funded by the Commonwealth Government and the Victorian Government to provide older people with short term assistance following a hospital stay.

The program provides a range of care services that include therapy, nursing support and/or personal care that will help older people to regain as much independence as possible and assist in making long term care and support arrangements.

How does the Transition Care Program work?

Care is provided either in your own home or Kerang Hospital. You will be provided with therapy as well as assistance to enable you to resume the activities of daily living.

Transition Care Program Plan – setting your care needs

Kerang District Health will work with you to determine your care needs and develop a Transition Care Program Plan. We will involve you and your family and/or carers in decisions at all stages of your program. During your stay in TCP, your care coordinator will help you and your family to consider your future care and support options.

How long can I stay in TCP?

Transition Care services can be provided for up to twelve weeks, however, the average length of stay is about eight weeks. The length of your program will depend on your progress during transition care and your individual care needs.

Will I need to pay?

The Commonwealth and Victorian governments will pay the majority of your costs while you are in TCP but you will be responsible for the supply of medications, medical visits, outings, and any other procedures not covered by TCP.


To be eligible for TCP, you must be an older person who is currently a hospital inpatient. You must be medically stable before commencing TCP.

While you are still in hospital, you will need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS). This assessment includes consideration of your ability to benefit from the services transition care offers within the allowable time limits.