Waiting Times

Waiting times for surgery or treatments

Admission times for surgery or treatments are given as a guide only. Circumstances may occur that can delay the commencement of your surgery or treatment

Day Treatments

  • The treatment for each Day Patient admission requires many steps in preparation and completion by various staff members.
  • Unexpected and unavoidable delays can occasionally occur at any of these steps, resulting in increased waiting time for which we appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • Sometimes the ward can be extremely busy and this can delay the time until treatments can be provided.
  • Surgical delays can be due to unexpected outcomes or difficulties with the previous patient’s procedure thus requiring extra time for completion.
  • Equipment availability, cleaning and reprocessing of equipment can also cause delays.
  • Doctors may be called away from theatre for emergencies/outpatients or sometimes the surgeon may arrive late at the commencement of the day due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Delays in treatments such as Chemotherapy, Iron and Blood Infusions, port flushes or CTG’s may occur, if there is a wait for the results of Pathology, drug availability, medication orders or medical paperwork.
  • Staff at Kerang District Health will communicate to all patients if there is a delay. If there is a lengthy delay, the patient is allowed to leave the hospital and will be called on their mobile phone and notified of a suitable time to return.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.