Please note that due to directions from the Chief Health Officer, visiting is restricted to our facility, including Glenarm. We appreciate the impact this had on families and loved ones so we will keep you updated when restrictions start to ease.

Face masks are mandatory in all hospital and care facilities for all visitors and workers unless a medical exception applies.

All permitted visitors and workers/contractors or other must check in to the facility using the Service Victoria check-in app. 

If you do not have a smart phone to use the QR Code, please speak to the reception staff in normal business hours who will assist.

You may still be asked some screening questions by the reception staff so please ensure that you are attesting to being well and void of any respiratory symptoms.

Hospital Visitors

For more information regarding hospital visitor restrictions, please visit:


There are only a few permitted reasons for visitors to enter into aged care facilities. For more information, please visit the following website:

Our Acute Ward and Glenarm staff would be more than happy to arrange another form of connection with your loved one due to restrictions. Please speak to staff.